The Right Pocket Knife For You

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Choosing the right pocket knife is damn hard. This is because different manufactures have emerged with different brands. This makes it extremely hard for non-experts to purchase a good quality and long-lasting pocket knife.

One of the best pocket knives is benchmade mini griptilian. The following key tips and areas to consider when choosing a good pocket knife will help you make your selection simple.

Design and opening mechanism

Pocket knives have different opening mechanisms .Therefore, you need an opening mechanism you can easily use with easy without much struggle. For instance, it’s much easier to operate a large drilled opening mechanism type of knife than a thumb stud. pocket knife 1Similarly, linear-locking mechanism requires more force to operate than their frame lock counterparts. Hence, before you go for a pocket knife, you need to consider the opening mechanism of the knife of your choice. You can get the information from experts or surf online for more information.


A pocket knife is like your iPhone. It must fit into your pocket and must be portable. You should choose not too big and not too small. Consider the size of your hands and remember that a relatively smaller knife is better and conformable to carry around.

Material used

Before you buy a pocket knife, ensure it’s made from the very high-quality material. Don’t just buy any knife from any material. Ensure its made from stainless steel.


It is durable
Can be held on an edge well
It has an excellent lock strength
It is light in weight


Its relatively expensive as compared to ordinary knives
It is durable, but not very sharp as ordinary knives
It is small size makes it unsuitable for people with very large hands

Where you can buy a reliable pocket knife

pocket knife 2Pocket knives are manufactured and distributed by different vendors. Some of the most popular suppliers can be found online while others can be found in your locality .You can use the keyword ‘pocket knife’ to search for various supplies and compare their prices s well as the quality. Read the reviews or ask a friend with one to make an informed decision. Also, remember to sue information in this blog in choosing a good pocket knife.

Choosing the best pocket knife calls for serious considerations. You need a knife that is durable and will serve you better like the Benchmade 556 Mini Griptilian with the following pros and cons.

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