How To Stream Movies for Free on iOS Device Via Movie Box for iPhone


Boredom can be terrible. However, we live in an era that allows us to watch some free movies on the go on iOS phones and tablets with ease.

Caught up in bad weather? Brad Pitt will keep you company for a while.

It’s Freeman holding tab

This movie app is completely free, and it has a wide selection of programs available. There are no hidden charges or fees, and you don’t need to worry about giving your private details by signing up. You simply download and install it on your device and search for your favorite movie titles, TV shows, and music videos. You also get a chance to catch up with legendary releases as well as the most popular hits.

It’s Safe

Unlike other free apps, MovieBox does not redirect you to suspicious sites. It’s developers have taken a step further to ensure the user is safe even when experimenting with various applications and links on the interface.

It’s Well Designed

It’s user interface is quite intuitive and engaging. The fonts and background are easy to the eye. The layout is pretty straightforward, and navigation is a breeze. You can browse through a list of top movies and shows and then stream them right away. From there, you can select the quality of the video you want and then watch it.

How to Install It

tabletWhile this app does not require a jailbreak, it does require some work to install it. Here are some suggested installation steps:

(1)On your iPhone menu visit Settings>General>Date&Time then switch the date to September the 16th.

(2)Using Safari browser open

(3)Download the App.

(4)Go back to Date&Time on your iPhone’s menu and turn on Automatic.

Once the app is installed, you will be able to stream your favorite content instantly.


Movie Box provides you with a very condensed browsing experience but still lets you view all the details you need about the video. You can sort videos by the ones that were most recently added, highly popular ones and the best-rated ones.

The resolution of most videos is well above average, and you can watch them even in full-screen mode. All movies are 100% watchable. Movie Box for iPhone is indeed a game changer – and something that is worth trying.

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