Benefits of potty training

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Most kids are potty trained at the age of 2 or a little later. Although this is the most common way to potty train a child, there is another option available. Baby potty training may be harder to implement for some families but it has a lot of benefits.

Benefits of potty training to your child

There are endless benefits of potty training to your child; this article will mainly address five of them;

Helps increase baby-bonding

baby on pottyAlthough the scientific study is lacking, people that support this method claim that infant potty training can bring you and your baby closer. To find success with this method, it is necessary to be very aware of your baby and his or her signals. Being so closely connected in this way allows you to form a communication of sorts that wouldn’t normally be present.

Increased comfort

Diaper irritation may occur and cause a baby to be very fussy. Fewer diapers are used with this technique, so your child won’t have nearly as many rashes to deal with as they are mostly associated with wearing diapers.

Expands independence

Those who choose to baby potty train will find that their baby will find a greater sense of independence at a very early age as they are encouraged to crawl to the potty. If the baby were dependent upon you for diaper changes, this encouragement to crawl and exercise independence would not happen.

Lessen diaper waste

Disposable diapers create a substantial amount of waste that ends up in our landfills. While cloth diapers can help decrease this problem, it can create its problems as it takes quite a bit of energy to launder them. It can help the environment considerably as well as your pocketbook by choosing baby potty training.

Normal and natural

baby on potty 1In Africa and Asia, the benefits of potty training cannot be underestimated, mothers will carry their un-diapered infants around. They have become in tune to their babies needs and signals and anticipated when their babies need to go. By holding them away from their bodies when they are aware that their child needs to relieve themselves they avoid being soiled. This technique won’t work quite as well for modern families, but the same principles apply for reading the signs of your baby and knowing when they need to go.

This article discussed the five benefits of potty training your baby early. Deciding to go without diapers can help increase baby bonding, provide increased comfort for your baby, expand their independence, reduce diaper waste as well as it can be more comfortable for the baby.

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