Benefits of equality among genders in jobs

The issue of equality among genders in jobs is one that has long been due. Despite the perception that gender equality has been achieved in most countries, there is still room for improvement.

The fight to secure equitable opportunities for both male and females should continue. Over the years, a lot of efforts have gone into this crusade but harmonization in terms of resources, career development and opportunities has not been fully achieved.

What is interesting about this topic is that whenever it’s mentioned women are always perceived to be the victims. Although gender inequality in jobs was largely considered to affect the female gender, the tides have changed over several decades. Through numerous campaigns, gender inequality has been leveled and can know be said to be affecting both genders. In fact, in some regions men are more threatened by this form of inequality than women. So when we are discussing this topic, we should look at it in both ways and not only in favor of one gender.

Gender equality in the workplace encompasses several issues. Many people believe that it is achieved only when an organization has an equal number of both male and female employees. To the contrary, this is only the basic form of gender equality. There is so much that has to be done for a country, or an organization to be said to have succeeded in enforcing gender equality.

glasses on paperThere are several indicators that show an organization is practicing gender equality in the jobs. Some of this includes:

  • There is harmonization of pay for both men and women doing the same kind of job and in the same capacity. This means that all employees whether male or female are paid an equal amount of money for the same amount of job within the same job group.
  • There are equal opportunities in terms of promotions and career development opportunities for both genders. This means that all barriers to such opportunities are eliminated and that both genders have a fair chance to these opportunities.
  • There is a fair representation of both genders in the top management. This means that leadership post are filled equally by members of both genders. This ensures that there are minimal conflicts and incidences of discrimination.

For any nation or business to prosper, gender equality in employment has to be implemented and achieved. This is because gender equality comes with a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits include.

  1. Better performance in the workplace.

Where there is a promise of equal chances, people are motivated to work hard to benefit from the chances that up for grabs. This is also true for workers in jobs. Employees from both genders will compete for the available chances if they know they have a fair chance of getting them. In the process, productivity hicks and so does the GDP of a country.

  1. High quality in terms of services rendered by the employees.

Gender equality in the workplace always attracts individuals with high qualifications. This ensures that an organization has a pool of employees who are highly qualified. Having a qualified and talented staff ensure that quality of services rendered by the firm is very high.

  1. Optimum resource management.

Gender equality ensures that all the learned individuals have a fair chance of securing jobs. It is a fact that most governments, sponsor students through their college education and a lot of resources are used up while doing so. Having such students miss out on job opportunities due to gender inequality is a waste of these resources.

Equality among genders in jobs is a topic that is bound to continue for a very long time. Until the whole world understands and accepts the benefits of practicing gender equality in employment, then this debate will last for a very long time.

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